Piano Lessons for Kinder/1st Grade

Summer 2022

Scotts Valley

Ages 5- 6.

Six Week Session Dates (Start to Finish) Register By Start Date
Session 1 (Aug. 15 - Sept. 29) 08/01/22 08/15/22
Session 2 (Oct. 3 - Nov. 14) 09/01/22 10/03/22
Session 3 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 12) 11/01/22 11/15/22
Session 4 (Jan. 16 - Feb. 27) 12/01/22 01/16/23
Session 5 (Feb. 28 - Apr. 20) 02/01/23 02/28/23
Session 6 (Apr. 18 - Jun. 12) 04/01/23 04/18/23
Available Days. Open classes start Aug 15-25 Time Status
Monday afternoons 3:00pm Open
Tuesday afternoons 2:00pm Open
Wednesday afternoons 3:00pm Open
Thursday afternoons 3:00pm Open
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Online Registration


ALL Classes will be taught in our OUTDOOR studio until further notice.

The Major Buddies class introduces your K/1st grader to music lessons in a group setting. Each week is jam packed with a variety of individual and group activities - both on and off the piano bench - designed to build skills and confidence in your little musician. We are here to meet your needs with our two track program; whether you are looking for musical enrichment to your child’s curriculum or are wanting serious commitment to learning to read music and play piano.

Classes are taught in 6-week sessions throughout the school year starting in August. You may join during any session (if space is available) and learn on either our ACHIEVERS or EXPLORERS Path .

Two Paths of Study. To suit you!

Throughout more than 16 years of teaching piano I have learned that one class does not suit the goals and needs of all families. Engaging in music lessons will result in brain growth, increased coordination, improved language, math and social skills and just PURE JOY for ALL. All students learn self-discipline, perseverance, and patience.

The pace of learning and a parent’s involvement determine how quickly your child will progress. You choose what that means for you and your child with our two paths of study: ACHIEVERS or EXPLORERS

Name Fee
Major Buddies $200. Includes all materials 6 x 40 minute lessons.
Registration/Materials Fee $75. Due at registration. Includes a $50 refundable enrollment deposit.