Piano Lessons for Kids!

Scotts Valley

Ages 7-11.

Available Days. (Start Date) Time Status
Monday (Aug 14) 4:00pm OPEN
Tuesday (Aug 22) 5:00pm OPEN
Wednesday (Aug 23) 4:00pm OPEN
Wednesday (Aug 23) 5:00pm OPEN
Thursday (Aug 24) 4:00pm OPEN

Group Piano is a fun approach to learning to play the piano. A social learning environment, capturing your child's imagination and concentration.

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Piano Presto is a small group class for kids aged 7-11 (2nd grade or older)

We believe group lessons have many benefits.

  • Social learning environment
  • Improves listening skills
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Longer lessons mean more instruction per week
  • Better value than private lessons

We develop a love of music through a mix of weekly activities including:

  • Learning Repertoire
  • Games: to strengthen music theory
  • Use of Technology: to aid enjoyment and learning
  • Improvisation: to foster creativity
  • Rote repertoire and transposition: to develop ‘musical’ playing
  • Healthy Technique: Gaining skills to effortly master more challenging music
  • Rhythm and Note reading exercises: to master the language of music
  • Sight Reading Skills: to become a confident note reader
  • Ensembles: Piano and rhythm.

Name Fee Session Length
Piano Presto Session $360 9 weeks
Presto Materials $100 Annual
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