Piano Teacher In Scotts Valley

Your Piano Teacher Samantha Allott

Here at Little Mozarts 4 FUN , Scotts Valley we specialize in group lessons. We are the only studio offering group lessons in Santa Cruz County.

Little Mozarts 4 FUN is a music school. We have been specializing in group lessons here in Scotts Valley since we began. Our emphasis is on the very young student. Ages 5 and up. Our approach develops every child's birthright to basic music competence by encouraging both the actual experience of music making AND the learning of valuable music concepts which transfer not just to the piano but any instrument in your child’s future.

For the past 20 years, Little Mozarts 4 FUN of Scotts Valley has been teaching groups of students from Kindergarten and above to make music at the piano with great success. As we have grown, we have expanded our age range to now include preschoolers through middle schoolers with our popular KiddyKeys® and Piano Presto 7+ classes.

Our Mission:

To spread the joy of music through group music classes. We want to bring music back into the homes of our children, their families and the future generations.

We know that music education in public schools is depleting every year and our aim is to make music education available to as many students as possible through affordable lessons. Our classes are primarily social and expose children to the possibilities of learning to play and read music in a fun and engaging learning environment.

Samantha Allott was born in England and developed a love of music from an early age. She began singing as a toddler and hasn’t stopped exploring instruments since. Growing up in a Yorkshire mining town meant a brass instrument was in her future but her first love became piano when she started lessons at age 7. She studied Piano and trumpet in college at Huddersfield University, UK and received a BA in Music before moving to California to raise her kids and start her business. Little Mozarts 4 FUN

It is because of her two children , now adults, that she became interested in working with youngsters at the piano. When they were in elementary school she was saddened by how little music education they received. Little Mozarts 4 FUN classes were started shortly after her daughter Asha finished Kindergarten.

Sam’s love for teaching music to young children stems from the knowledge that the ability to learn, understand and appreciate music lays within every child.

She believes that her work as a facilitator leads children on a path of musical discovery and knowledge---a path that will forever benefit humanity as her students further develop math, reading, spatial reasoning and social skills.