ACHIEVERS Path/track for K/1st graders. To progress is to set goals, work towards them and gain confidence. After each fun packed lesson your student will receive a guided Home practice assignment to work on with you. To be successful at this level of study a parent must commit to helping their student 3-5 days a week and build a consistent practice habit.

If you want to see steady progress, musical growth and increased enjoyment this is the class for you.

EXPLORERS a recreational group piano class for 5 - young 7 year olds. Learning takes place through weekly attendance in class over a long period of time. Students learn to love music through singing, piano activities and games. If you are looking for a fun arts enriching program for your K/1st grader with no parent stress about practice then this is the class for you. Progress is slower than our achievers track.

Have fun and learn through doing.